Regarding R-15

Just thought I’d retract my earlier statement that R-15 might have potential – it’s nothing but a full-blown fanservice festa straight through. Nothing wrong with that though, as I have stated earlier, and I will watch it to the end. I just won’t write any more about it. Hope I don’t come across as angry, I’m just  bit disappointed that I thought the series would go above and beyond what it is. I feel like I should know the signs of this type of entertainment by now.


R-15 – First impressions

Main character Akutagawa Taketo has just entered high school. Not any old high school however, but Hirameki Gakuen – a school for prodigies, geniuses and extremely talented people. You have the standard stuff like geniuses of maths, music, science, hacking etc. Then there are some more unusual ones: photography, narration, management and so on. So, what kind of genius is our protagonist? Well he’s a genius at writing erotic novels. Yeah.

Guess what he's thinking of.

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