Regarding R-15

Just thought I’d retract my earlier statement that R-15 might have potential – it’s nothing but a full-blown fanservice festa straight through. Nothing wrong with that though, as I have stated earlier, and I will watch it to the end. I just won’t write any more about it. Hope I don’t come across as angry, I’m just  bit disappointed that I thought the series would go above and beyond what it is. I feel like I should know the signs of this type of entertainment by now.


R-15 – First impressions

Main character Akutagawa Taketo has just entered high school. Not any old high school however, but Hirameki Gakuen – a school for prodigies, geniuses and extremely talented people. You have the standard stuff like geniuses of maths, music, science, hacking etc. Then there are some more unusual ones: photography, narration, management and so on. So, what kind of genius is our protagonist? Well he’s a genius at writing erotic novels. Yeah.

Guess what he's thinking of.

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Oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!! – Ep09

Fanservice is pretty much the premise for this series and every episode has had lots of innuendo, mostly of the…not so subtle variety. This episode though…it just stepped right into softcore porn territory:

*sensual moaning*


Yeah…Nao eating a chocolate covered banana. She managed to lure Shuusuke to take her out to a festival by pointing out that tradtionally, underwear is not worn under a yukata^^ Iroha joined in of course, and there is no way she would see herself beaten by Nao, so:

Frankfurter - "Itadakimasu!"

Mmm…sausage… It gets pretty much the same treatment as the banana:

For F's sake, it's a sausage, not a lollipop

"Mmm~mm~" *slurp*

This is just ridiculous. I only keep watching this show to see how far they’ll go. Oh, and for the small side plots involving the AGE, those guys are hilarious. This time they serched for some legendary ero material by following a series of “quests” given by merchants during the festival. The loot left them less than satisfied, to say the least.

Guess the theme of the books they found! Hint in the mouseover text.