Golden Chocolate Bread

Walked into a Lawson a couple of days ago to buy some dinner (cup ramen^^) and saw this lying on the bread shelf:

Its a mini version of the Golden Chocolate Bread from K-ON! (Not actually sure if that’s what it’s called in the english version.) More


Giant Rainbow Pocky

I found these down at the konbini when I was craving for a snack one evening. I just had to buy one, partly because I’m a bit of a pocky nerd (I kind of collect the boxes ^^) and partly because they just ooze of masculinity. I mean, ~25cm long sticks in the colours of the rainbow, have you ever seen anything more manly? The only thing missing is a pink glittering unicorn.

The tastes are, from the top down: blueberry, grape, strawberry, chocolate (they cheated and put it in red wrapping >.<), orange, banana and green tea. Looks colourful and nice, right? Let’s open them up!

Decidedly less colourful. How’s the taste, you ask? Well, I’d say it ranges from meh to awful. The fruit flavours have a very distinct artificial taste, the green tea is too sweet and the chocolate is, well, chocolate. The biggest problem is that the coating is so thin that you could be eating the bread sticks natural without noticing much of a difference.

Size comparison with a standard pocky.

Rainbow pocky is something you buy for the novelty factor. I believe it is some kind of limited edition, something I don’t mind at all. I have to say that it’s a little fun to play with them though.