The many cosplays of Isohata Uki…part 2

Back by popular demand (well, not really), it’s cosplay-time with Isohata Uki! I’ll just leave the pictures here and hope they don’t cause too many fatalities. Remember to keep that brain bleach handy ^^;

Part 1 lives here, in case you haven’t seen it.



Figma 099 – Kousaka Kirino

Figma Kirino, from Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai! I’m actually more of a Kuroneko fan, but her figma is still a while away so I’ll just have to settle for Kirino at the moment. Can’t wait to pose them together, they make such a great mis-match ^^ More

The many cosplays of Isohata Uki…

In my last post, the kinda-sorta-almost review-like thing about figma Arashiyama Hotori, I ended with a couple of pictures showing Isohata Uki assaulting Mikuru and stealing her clothes. What I didn’t show, however, is that she didn’t stop there. And I didn’t stop shooting. Therefore, i now present to you this high-octane nightmare fuel the many cosplays of Isohata Uki!


Figma 094 – Arashiyama Hotori

It’s figma time again, today it’s Arashiyama Hotori from Soredemo machi wa mawatteiru! Great show by the way, watch it if you haven’t already. More

Figma SP-020 Misaka

Got a suprise visit form the postman today. She delivered a package containing this:

Nice box design - rows and rows of Misaka imoutos

The Misaka imouto figma that i preordered way back in october last year. I had pretty much completely forgotten about her. More

Figma 073 – Teana Lanster Barrier Jacket ver.

Teana Lanster from the Nanoha series. Still trying to figure out the camera and lighting, but it feels like I’m moving in the right direction for once. Next time I’ll try to think out a more structured way to showcase the figma, but for now a random assortment of photos will have to do. More

Figma SP-013 – Dead Master

I’ve bought a new camera! Or new, it’s a second hand Lumix LX3 that i found for a price low enough to squeeze into my budget (I might have to live on cup noodles for the rest of the month, but it was definitely worth it^^). I still have lots to learn about the different settings and what not, but at least I can’t blame my tools anymore.

I’ve also cobbled together a lightbox from cardboard, tracing paper and duct tape. Works like a charm. Not really happy with my lightsource though, will have to try a couple of different bulbs. Even so it’s a huge step up from before.

Figma Dead Master have been sitting around in her box here for a while, waiting for me to get off my lazy rear and snap some pics of her, so I decided to use her as guinea pig for my new equipment. The photos might not be top notch, but at least i don’t feel the need to apologize for them this time around ;P

Despite the large box she doesn’t have all that many accessories: two skulls with stands and the huge scythe. She does have five pairs of hands, but only two different faces. Now, I can’t really think of anything that would fit as an additional accessory, but another facial expression at least would have been nice. More