Regarding R-15

Just thought I’d retract my earlier statement that R-15 might have potential – it’s nothing but a full-blown fanservice festa straight through. Nothing wrong with that though, as I have stated earlier, and I will watch it to the end. I just won’t write any more about it. Hope I don’t come across as angry, I’m just  bit disappointed that I thought the series would go above and beyond what it is. I feel like I should know the signs of this type of entertainment by now.


Kamisama no Memo-chou – First impressions


Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – First impressions

Culture shocks abound for cute Japanese girl in 19th century Paris.

Claude and Yune

It’s always fascinating to see historical Europe from a Japanese perspective – sometimes it’s similar to the view from within, other times you can see Japanese influences pretty clearly. I can’t yet tell how Ikoku Meiro fares in that regard, but I didn’t spot any oddities in the first episode.

...don't look at me like that.

The biggest mystery is where Yune learned to speak French.

Dantalian no Shoka – First impressions

Europe, early 20th century. Young man meets a mysterious young girl who spends most of her time in a library, reading. There is some friction between the two, with the girl showing signs of being tsundere. No, I’m not talking about Gosick, Dantalian no Shoka just happens to have a strikingly similar setup.

There's always time for some tea.

The similarities end there though, with Dantalian’s plot involving magic, monsters, ancient grimoires, and a male protagonist who’s able to take care of himself for once. In the first episode Huey has already shown that he can handle a revolver, killing a zombie-like creature and a magical lion. He also saves the day by reciting a couple of mystical incantations.

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R-15 – First impressions

Main character Akutagawa Taketo has just entered high school. Not any old high school however, but Hirameki Gakuen – a school for prodigies, geniuses and extremely talented people. You have the standard stuff like geniuses of maths, music, science, hacking etc. Then there are some more unusual ones: photography, narration, management and so on. So, what kind of genius is our protagonist? Well he’s a genius at writing erotic novels. Yeah.

Guess what he's thinking of.

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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – Final thoughts

Way too long since I wrote something here. Procrastination is largely to blame for my long absence, but I do have some other excuses as well: I’ve been in study mode, preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and then spent about a week migrating to a Linux system. Turns out my sound card didn’t like the kernel that comes with most flavours of Ubuntu, I got some really weird sound issues. But enough computer geekery for now, time to return to otaku mode ^^;

By the way, this post is a mess. I’ve written it piece by piece between bouts of procrastination, studies and computer issues over the last three weeks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I contradict myself somewhere. I should actually proof-read it now, but the clock just passed 23:00 on a Friday night and parade floats equipped with taiko ensembles are performing outside (Can’t hear my own thoughts!), so my ability to concentrate is rapidly approaching zero. I’ll just throw it up and hope it’s bearable. Though, I think most hits on this site is from spam bots, so it probably doesn’t matter ^^;

I actually finished watching Madoka Magica quite a while ago, but it definitely merits an article anyway. It is a great show, no doubt about it, but there are some things that doesn’t sit quite right with me. These are mostly things that I have noticed while thinking back on the series, things that I didn’t notice while I was watching it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show and I’m a big fan of Homura, I just can’t help pointing out its flaws and over-analyse the whole thing.

Homura, nooo!!!

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Mahou shoujo Madoka magica – Halfway thoughts

Kyubei is evil. Or at least a really big jerk.

Look at that smug face. Evil, I say, Evil!