I survived Comiket 80!

But holy hell was it hot! 35°C and not a cloud in the sky. The picture above is taken the second day, around 09:00 when they started to move the queue up towards the halls. I was aiming for the company booths that day, so I had arrived quite early, hoping to get at least something before they sold out. When we reached the compound we were split up in three lines: Aniplex, Type-Moon and the rest. The lines were about the same length, so I’m glad that I’m not all that into the really big ones.

I actually went in to Tokyo the day before and spent the night at a manga kissa together with Kuroneko. I live almost 2 hours train ride away from Big Sight, so I figured I’d try this method this time. Took the first train (04:47 man!) and that was quite the experience in itself. As you get closer and closer to Big Sight the amount of otaku in the train steadily rises. The last stretch were pretty much only people heading for comiket, packed as sardines in the poor train. The whole ordeal payed off though, as I got what I wanted: Dog Days goodies!

An anime T-shirt that does not scream anime T-shirt by having a huge character plastered on the front! Instead it sports the Engrish-y “I’ll return to that place to become a brave again!!” – just pure awesome. The mark on the back is the Galette coat of arms – I personally like the dogs more, but the cats have the nicest shirts by far.

Ricotta dakimakura cover! Wasn’t really sure if I should buy it , but actually standing in front of the booth made it clear that I couldn’t leave without her. I had hoped for an Éclair cover though (Dog-eared tsundere, yes please!), but no such luck. Hopefully they’ll sell it somewhere else later.

Something hit me when I got home and started unpacking her though, it went a bit like this: “Wait now, just how old is she? To Wikipedia!” And the answer?


By the way, Éclair is 14.


My brain tells me that this is bad, but my heart tells me not to care. The power of moe is terrifying ^-^;

Bought this as well, is artbook what you call it? It’s pretty much the designs for all characters in the series, their clothing and weapons, plus a few environment sketches as well. I’ll post some shots of the contents in a separate post later.

The bag I got for the goodies was kinda neat, but I’m a little disappointed as well. Part of the experience is carrying bags emblazoned with cute girls on the train back home – at first there are many people with similar bags, but as you get further and further away the amount goes down until you’re all alone, telling yourself that you are just imagining the weird looks your fellow passengers are giving you. Ah, well, maybe next time.

I spent the rest of the second day walking around and looking at stuff, mostly cosplayers, before heading back home. Returned on the third and final day to attack the circles, which resulted in the following loot:

I stopped by MelonBooks and Toranoana in Omiya on my way home to buy the four lowest in the picture – they were either sold out or I couldn’t find them at Comiket.

I think you should be able to guess what I like based on this picture. Also, if you haven’t already, what my latest favourite show is.

By the way, did I mention that it was HOT?

Salt stains. Seriously.


Regarding R-15

Just thought I’d retract my earlier statement that R-15 might have potential – it’s nothing but a full-blown fanservice festa straight through. Nothing wrong with that though, as I have stated earlier, and I will watch it to the end. I just won’t write any more about it. Hope I don’t come across as angry, I’m just  bit disappointed that I thought the series would go above and beyond what it is. I feel like I should know the signs of this type of entertainment by now.

Kamisama no Memo-chou – First impressions


Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – First impressions

Culture shocks abound for cute Japanese girl in 19th century Paris.

Claude and Yune

It’s always fascinating to see historical Europe from a Japanese perspective – sometimes it’s similar to the view from within, other times you can see Japanese influences pretty clearly. I can’t yet tell how Ikoku Meiro fares in that regard, but I didn’t spot any oddities in the first episode.

...don't look at me like that.

The biggest mystery is where Yune learned to speak French.