Dantalian no Shoka – First impressions

Europe, early 20th century. Young man meets a mysterious young girl who spends most of her time in a library, reading. There is some friction between the two, with the girl showing signs of being tsundere. No, I’m not talking about Gosick, Dantalian no Shoka just happens to have a strikingly similar setup.

There's always time for some tea.

The similarities end there though, with Dantalian’s plot involving magic, monsters, ancient grimoires, and a male protagonist who’s able to take care of himself for once. In the first episode Huey has already shown that he can handle a revolver, killing a zombie-like creature and a magical lion. He also saves the day by reciting a couple of mystical incantations.

She does not appreciate being disturbed while reading.

Female lead Dalian is not too bad either. Without spoiling too much I think I can say that she is not exactly what she seems to be. She is damn cute though 😛

Not just a palette swapped version of Gosick's Victorique.

Quite an intense first episode. Lot’s of exposition, of course since it’s the first episode they have to set up the story, but also lots of action. The fact that very few characters were introduced also helped keeping the tempo up. I’m really excited about the rest of this series.

Yep, they brought out a dragon in the first episode!


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