Figma 099 – Kousaka Kirino

Figma Kirino, from Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai! I’m actually more of a Kuroneko fan, but her figma is still a while away so I’ll just have to settle for Kirino at the moment. Can’t wait to pose them together, they make such a great mis-match ^^

Kirino’s quite cute by herself as well – I especially like the crossed arms, even though they are a royal pain in the posterior to attach. The right shoulder joint popped out of its socket a couple of times when I struggled with aligning them. Still not perfect in the above picture.

Anyway, on to the accessories. Apart from the arms she’s got a bag, her favourite Meruru DVD, an imouto-themed eroge and shoe-less feet for indoor use. Three faces – tsun, dere and angry – 4 hand-pairs and a hand for holding the DVD-cases.

The labels for the cases are normal stickers – getting a couple of reserves is nice.

Here dere face looks pretty sweet. With this and the tsun face though, I had som trouble figuring out where she actually is looking. It’s like she’s glancing a little to the left, making her look better from a slight side angle than straight from the front – she either looks at you or averts her eyes as if she’s a bit shy.

The bag is mostly made of hard PVC, with an opening in the top and part of one side being soft so you can put stuff in it.

Like Kirino’s beloved anime DVDs.

The case-gripping hand means that she can wave around her anime and eroge while yelling at her brother, Kuroneko or anyone who disagrees with her.

I believe she is the first figma to come with shoe-less feet. Doesn’t look too bad, though the joints could have been a shade or two darker to blend in a little better.


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