The many cosplays of Isohata Uki…part 2

Back by popular demand (well, not really), it’s cosplay-time with Isohata Uki! I’ll just leave the pictures here and hope they don’t cause too many fatalities. Remember to keep that brain bleach handy ^^;

Part 1 lives here, in case you haven’t seen it.



Figma 099 – Kousaka Kirino

Figma Kirino, from Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai! I’m actually more of a Kuroneko fan, but her figma is still a while away so I’ll just have to settle for Kirino at the moment. Can’t wait to pose them together, they make such a great mis-match ^^ More

The many cosplays of Isohata Uki…

In my last post, the kinda-sorta-almost review-like thing about figma Arashiyama Hotori, I ended with a couple of pictures showing Isohata Uki assaulting Mikuru and stealing her clothes. What I didn’t show, however, is that she didn’t stop there. And I didn’t stop shooting. Therefore, i now present to you this high-octane nightmare fuel the many cosplays of Isohata Uki!