Figma 094 – Arashiyama Hotori

It’s figma time again, today it’s Arashiyama Hotori from Soredemo machi wa mawatteiru! Great show by the way, watch it if you haven’t already.

Lots o’ parts included: brush, serving tray, coffe cup and saucer, as well as Hotori’s magnifying glass/pen combination. Four hand-pairs and two faces, with a sheet of decals for the blank one. Also included is the head and collar of Hotori’s boss, head maid Isohata Uki, making this a two-in-one figma. Makes me want to buy another one so I can display both at once ^^;

Many different faces, happiness, confusion, panic and so on. The coloured lines at the bottom are for the line on the pocket of the apron, blue for Hotori and red for the head maid.

Hotori giving her trademark Meido (maid) salute. While it may look similar to the Vulcan salute, it differs in thet it has the thumb folded in, making the outline of the hand form the letter M – M for maid^^

The bottom part of her dress is made of hard PVC, but is split in two parts and attached to joints at the waist to allow at least some movement. The apron is made of soft PVC and cover up the split  in the front. Don’t expect to be making lots of complicated action poses. Also, the little tuft of hair feels like it’s easy to break by accident, especially when changing faces or heads.

The puffs at the top of the sleeves limits the movement of the arms slightly. The magnifying glass may look empty in the above picture, but there is actually a clear plastic lens in it.

And it works too! Well kind of – it’s a little too small to be useful.

It feels great to finally have my own maid so I won’t have to bother with cleaning and stuff ^_^

Hotori has a tendency to live in her own little world though, so I’m not sure if she’ll actually be of any help…Maybe the head maid can keep her working?

…I’m not sure I like that look she has…

Nope, don’t like it at all. This won’t end well^^

Whoa, stop molesting Mikuru!! O_o



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