Mahou shoujo Madoka magica – Halfway thoughts

Kyubei is evil. Or at least a really big jerk.

Look at that smug face. Evil, I say, Evil!

He lures young girls into becoming mahou shoujo by granting one wish for them. What he doesn’t tell is that becoming a mahou shoujo means having your soul sucked out of your body and turned into a “soul gem”. If the gem is too far away from the body, the girl can’t control it and it becomes a lifeless husk. Kind of telling them that they’ll get candy if they go for a drive with him in his van… I also have a feeling that there are many more secrets behind that eternally grinning face, his true motives are most likely something other than protecting humanity from witches as he claims to be doing.

Madoka threw away Sayaka's soul gem, rendering her body lifeless until it was returned

I like it when they do something different with an established genre. The darker, more serious tone of Madoka magica is a nice contrast to the usually colourful and cheery magical girl series. It touches on the consequences of gaining power and the effect of that on friendship and trust. Hopefully the second half is as good as the first.

Homura is dark, quiet and awesome - Kyouko is hot-tempered, wild and awesome ^^


4 Comments on “Mahou shoujo Madoka magica – Halfway thoughts”

  1. zammael says:

    Probably the best anime I’ve seen this year.. or at least as good as Bakemonogatari. Have you finished it yet?

    • Ookami says:

      Yeah, I’ve finished it. I really liked Homura and her struggle to save Madoka, but I’m not sure about the ending. On one hand I like these endings that are both good and bad so to speak, but on the other hand I feel that Madoka could have gotten a better deal since she had such great power. On the whole I like it, since it’s pretty much impossible to predict what’s going to happen which kept me on my toes throughout the whole series. It also helps that it justifies my general dislike for mascot characters 😛

      • zammael says:

        Thanks for the reply. Will you blog on the second half of the series and expand on your assertion that Madoka could’ve gotten a better deal?

        My next question: would you consider this series as a deconstruction of the mahou shoujo genre or just a subversion as in “dark and edgier” trope?

        • Ookami says:

          I’m currently in study mode, preparing for the JLPT this sunday, so I have blogged less than I would like to these last couple of weeks. From next week I’ll start catching up on some things I’ve sacrificed for study time, my final thoughts on Madoka Magica being one of them.

          To quickly expand on how Madoka could have been better off:
          Her powers was built up as to be close to unlimited, and if you couple that with Kyubei being able to fulfill any wish (as I understand it) couldn’t she have wished, for example, that Kyubei and his kin never had taken an interest in Earth? Yeah, I know that there are holes in that scenario too, I’m mostly going on gut feeling, but that’s the sort of thing that happens when you add unlimited possibilities to anything. I will sort out my thoughts and write in length about it, hopefully next week.

          Now I gotta go back to drilling vocabulary ^^;

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