Figma SP-020 Misaka

Got a suprise visit form the postman today. She delivered a package containing this:

Nice box design - rows and rows of Misaka imoutos

The Misaka imouto figma that i preordered way back in october last year. I had pretty much completely forgotten about her.

Black stand looks great!

She is a Dengekiya exclusive, one of 20,000 units of  “The Misaka 20,000 Project”, created to commemorate the launch of the A certain magical Index and  A certain scientific Railgun PSP games. I read a post about her over at when she was announced, and decided to take a shot at preordering. Armed with only 6 months of Japanese studies and Rikaichan (a pop-up dictionary) I managed to navigate the slow-as-molasses web site and secure one before they ran out.


Every Misaka has a serial number under the base making them unique – mine is 19,268. The numbers are also part of a lottery, the winners will be announced next month. The prices are A certain magical Index DVD-box 1 and 2. Three numbers will be drawn, so a winst chance of 3/20,000. I don’t think I should get my hopes up…

"Level up! - Aquired skill: Photoshopping"

The vest is open in the back to facilitate movement, which doesn’t look all that good in my opinion. It is also slitted under the arms (not seen here) for the same reason. I think I’d have taken a whole vest above a little better movement range, but…

Armed and dangerous

I don’t really like the alternate face, but apart from that no complaints about the accessories. The guns are very detailed, and the sniper rifle even has a metallic sheen to it.

Searching for Accelerator

Getting her to hold the guns was a little tricky at first, before I figured out how to align the trigger hand. The nightvision goggles fall off quite easily if you happen to touch them – seeing as they are attached to the front hair I wouldn’t have mind if they were glued in place.

Yes, that's an Eneloop battery charger - it was the closest thing at hand

The rifle is longer than she is tall.

No, you're not seeing double

Misaka imouto, of course, looks good next to the real one as well. As far as plastic electricity effects go these are not bad.

Guns and coins

Except for the eyes and the night vision goggles they are identical. But don’t panic if you happen to mix them up – just like in the anime there is a fool-proof way to tell them apart:

Hmm...still not sure. Think I'll have to look a little closer...


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