Figma 073 – Teana Lanster Barrier Jacket ver.

Teana Lanster from the Nanoha series. Still trying to figure out the camera and lighting, but it feels like I’m moving in the right direction for once. Next time I’ll try to think out a more structured way to showcase the figma, but for now a random assortment of photos will have to do.

The gun effects are OK, I guess. They do feel a bit pale, and it would have been nice to see some variations in the colouring.

The sightly larger version of her gun.

Teana and Subaru make a great team.

Can’t really remember if the dagger version of her weapon had this pale colour in the anime.

Full dagger version. Teana can look quite badass when she wants to.

This is what happened when I left them alone for a while. I had planned to do some more shooting, but I didn’t feel like interrupting them. I just snapped this pic and quietly left.


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