Dog Days – Halfway thoughts

Princess Millhiore rewarding Eclair for valiant efforts in battle

Cute girls everywhere in this series. The princess is sweeter than cotton candy, Eclair is a perfectly bittersweet tsundere, the tiny genious Ricotta is just adorable. What’s that? Plot, you say? Well, ehh…erm…look at the cute girls! With animal ears and tails, fighting each other with swords and sorcery! Wheeee!

Seriously though, the plot is…a bit shallow, to put it nicely. Very straightforward, Shinku is summoned to Flonyard as a hero to help fight a battle. War is strictly regulated and pretty much a sport, and nobody dies. There is no known way to send him back home, so people around him do a lot of research about that while he just plays around all day. Now, they did pull out stargazing as a means to look into the future in episode 6, and showed a vision of Shinku and the princess dying or maybe even killing each other. Judging from the light and bright tone of the series that probably won’t happen, though it would be interesting to see a really dark twist as a change.

An onee-sama type like Brioche is also nice from time to time^^

I picked out three seiyu by ear in this series: Eclair – Taketatsu Ayana, Brioche – Hikasa Youko and princess Leo – Koshimizu Ami. Is that a sign that I’ve been watching too much anime?

Damn, I'm jealous!


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