Figma SP-013 – Dead Master

I’ve bought a new camera! Or new, it’s a second hand Lumix LX3 that i found for a price low enough to squeeze into my budget (I might have to live on cup noodles for the rest of the month, but it was definitely worth it^^). I still have lots to learn about the different settings and what not, but at least I can’t blame my tools anymore.

I’ve also cobbled together a lightbox from cardboard, tracing paper and duct tape. Works like a charm. Not really happy with my lightsource though, will have to try a couple of different bulbs. Even so it’s a huge step up from before.

Figma Dead Master have been sitting around in her box here for a while, waiting for me to get off my lazy rear and snap some pics of her, so I decided to use her as guinea pig for my new equipment. The photos might not be top notch, but at least i don’t feel the need to apologize for them this time around ;P

Despite the large box she doesn’t have all that many accessories: two skulls with stands and the huge scythe. She does have five pairs of hands, but only two different faces. Now, I can’t really think of anything that would fit as an additional accessory, but another facial expression at least would have been nice.

Looking cool and cute at the same time, and me being a bit weak against girls in black makes her even nicer. I had a lot of fun trying out various poses with her, she has a good range of movement. The only problem is that her black shoes made some nice marks on my white backdrop. A soft eraser took care of those easily, and it’s just a ream of paper anyway so no harm done.

…I probably need to play around a bit with depth as well.

Focus issues^^

And this time it’s bad ISO I think.

The scythe’s design is awesome and her large hands makes it quite easy to do various poses with it.

Of course Black Rock Shooter had to show up for a showdown. Though the lightbox is a little too cramped for battle scenes. Sigh, if I had a real studio…

I also discovered that it is quite easy to take really bad photos >_<

I prefer shooting without the stands, especially considering where they plug in on these two. Makes it a bit harder to make action poses though.

Somehow the whole ordeal ended up like this. Poor BRS^^


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