Yumekui Merry – Final thoughts

You made Merry angry. You don't want to make Merry angry.

13 episodes that went from “Hey, this looks good!” to “Well, it’s still above average.”, and then kind of pieterd out into blandness culminating with a “believe in yourself and everything will be OK”-message. Is it really so hard not to fall into the swamp of old clichés and stale story elements? On the plus side, the visuals look great, with some scenes bordering on masterpieces. A lot of work has gone into the style of this one. Just too bad it’s a bit lacking in the substance department.

Another thing I appreciate is the lack of fanservice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fanservice hater (should be obvious from my other posts ^^), I just think it’s good that it’s still possible to have shows without it. Actually, when I think about it, “lack” is not quite correct, there was this:

Scantily clad catgirls probably count as fanservice

That is only one scene in 13 episodes though, kind of the exception that proves the rule.

By the way, John Doe in the above picture is a much more interesting character than Mystletainn, the real bad guy of the series. In contrast to her simply being evil, John seems to have much more complex motivations and plans behind his actions, which would make him a much better antagonist. It’s a shame he disappears from the series about halfway through.

One last thing that bothers me a bit is that there isn’t really any end to the series. Yeah, the current story arc ends and a lot of things are resolved, but the main objective is not fulfilled. Wishes for a second season perhaps? There’s also the fact thast it is adapted from a manga series which most likely continues a fair bit after the end of the anime. Speaking of adaptions, I have to go through my archive and see how many of my animes are original works. Something tells me that number might be suprisingly small.

I’m starting to drift into other areas now, so I better sum this up and stop writing before I get completely off track. Yumekui Merry starts out nicely, but ends up feeling just…bland. Merry herself is kind of interesting, but the male lead Yumeji is not, and the final villain is generic, maybe not in her style but at least in her motives and actions. It could have been worse I guess, but it could also have been so much better given the concept of entering peoples dreams. I don’t think I’ll remember this series a few years from now.


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