Figma 009 – Fate T Harlaown

I managed to lay my grubby mitts on Fate-chan a while ago (Not in that way!) and thought “Hey, I’ll take a couple of pics of her and post ’em online!” But time went by, and Fate-chan remained in her box hidden in a  pile of stuff in a corner of my room, until one day when I was cleaning (a rare occurance >.< ). I said to myself: “Great, I’ll take a short break and snap those photos.” I didn’t do anymore cleaning that day. Not during the next day either.

Of course I procrastinated on uploading the images, can’t do too much work at once, right? Last friday I finally decided to make myself do it during the afternoon, but the magnitude 9.0 earthquake kind of destroyed any plans one might have had. Things are starting to calm down little by little now, though the nuclear reactors are still not under control. Even so I feel comfortable enough to stop watching the news 24-7, and withouth much further ado give you figma 009 Fate T Harlaown. Feels good to know that I have my priorities straight…

Oh, almost forgot: The photo quality ranges from bad to horrendous, and sometimes even downright awful, so please have mercy on me. I want to buy a decent camera, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep up this hobby (photography) for long enough to justify spending that amount of money. So, my old point-and-shoot digicam will have to do for now.

Why yes, I like the flash reflection. Thank you for asking.

Back of the box. You most likely know that without me telling you, but...

Stripping away the outer packaging

Huge accessories. Only one alternative face though.

A third facial expression would have been nice, but I guess you can’t have everything. Since she is one of the older figmas the hands end in a small ball, instead of just having a straight peg as on the newer ones. Makes them prone to breaking during switching, especially since the holes are very tight.

Of course I forgot one thing in the above photo, apart from the standard base and bag that comes with every figma:

Used to hold her cape up, picture further down

Looks close to the original

High priority: fix consistent light source

Ready for battle

Cape support in action. The center part can be replaced with the stand.

Front hair is made of hard pvc - hinders the poseability of the arms a bit

Ridiculously huge Zanber form - awesome!

The blade doesn't weigh all too much, making Fate relatively easy to pose holding it

Looks like she is arguing with Nanoha...

Uh...girls, calm down!

Please stop before you hurt yourselves!

I tried to go in and stop them by force , but they both turned on me instead! “Training”, they explained after giving me quite a beating. “Don’t get in our way.” My head still hurts…

That's all for now. Until next time!


Oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!! – Ep09

Fanservice is pretty much the premise for this series and every episode has had lots of innuendo, mostly of the…not so subtle variety. This episode though…it just stepped right into softcore porn territory:

*sensual moaning*


Yeah…Nao eating a chocolate covered banana. She managed to lure Shuusuke to take her out to a festival by pointing out that tradtionally, underwear is not worn under a yukata^^ Iroha joined in of course, and there is no way she would see herself beaten by Nao, so:

Frankfurter - "Itadakimasu!"

Mmm…sausage… It gets pretty much the same treatment as the banana:

For F's sake, it's a sausage, not a lollipop

"Mmm~mm~" *slurp*

This is just ridiculous. I only keep watching this show to see how far they’ll go. Oh, and for the small side plots involving the AGE, those guys are hilarious. This time they serched for some legendary ero material by following a series of “quests” given by merchants during the festival. The loot left them less than satisfied, to say the least.

Guess the theme of the books they found! Hint in the mouseover text.