Oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!! – Halfway thoughts

Ahh, love...

...isn't it beautiful?

With the amount of BL present in Ep06 one could almost start wondering what the target audience is for this show. Almost, I say, ’cause there sure are lots of panty shots too.

Even Nao can't handle all the manly love in this episode

Anyway, halfway through yet another anime. I honestly can’t say why I still am watching this, but for some reason it keeps me entertained enough to come back week after week. Maybe I like watching Shuusuke suffer? I’ve gotten used to the art style mostly, but the characters still have a slightly odd feel to them.

54 - Panchira count for Shuusuke, 4 minutes into Ep06

Plot is pretty much nonexistant. What started as an incest-themed panchira fest has devolved into a harem, with three girls chasing after the main character. With lots of panty shots. The humour is kind of meh overall, lots of jokes are recycled in each episode and the predictability is rising every week. I do like the BL-arc that is going on right now though. Ehh…I hope nobody quotes me on that sentence out of context ^^;

I’ll just leave you with this screenshot and quote, it’s just so delightfully disturbing:

"Beautiful flowers. Even more beautiful though, is the vase that holds them..."


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