Yumekui Merry – Halfway thoughts

Whoa, Merry just turned badass

Yesterday’s episode 6 marked the halfway point of Yumikui Merry. Or actually, since it is 13 episodes in total, the halftime mark is in the middle of the next episode, but I didn’t feel like stopping in the middle of it to write a blog post, so I rounded down. Anyway, let me tell you my thoughts on the series up until this point.

The story still has a lot of vague spots, though I guess that’s what they were going for since the main thing driving the plot is Merry trying to recover her lost past and find a way back home. The line between protagonist and antagonist isn’t completely clear either, with Chaser John Doe reappearing in the latest episode, helping Yumeji and revealing that it is because of him that Yumeji can enter other people’s daydreams. There’s also Engi Threepiece attacking Merry to get revenge for her dead sister, without any other appearant “evil” goal. I like this uncertainty and the fact that it is very hard to predict what is coming next, but I can see how it can be a negative thing for some people.

The visuals in the real world are okay I guess, but it is the daydreams and the Dream world that stands out. The themes range from deceptively normal to quite bizarre, each giving off a subtle sense of uneasiness, a feeling that this is different from reality somehow.

My favourite character has to be John Doe. I like his mannerisms and his way of speaking, he is a badass MF and he knows it. The cat theme he has going on also helps:

Dude's got style

To be honest, I didn’t really expect catgirls, but having them there makes sense. I get the feeling that I should have expected it.

So, I better finish before this gets too long. Overall, a nice series. The artstyle might not be anything revolutionary, but it serves its purpose, the dream sequences are best parts. Check it out if you can handle a plot that up until this point is mostly shrouded in mystery, and characters who work more for their own goals than something “good” or “evil”.


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