"OBEY ME!!!"

What is it about Victorica? I mean she’s selfish, arrogant, manipulative, abusive and…and…and absolutely freaking adorable. I love the way she thinks, the way she talks, the way she looks, I just wanna hug her! I couldn’t hold back a couple of “Awww”s while watching this episode, definitely one of the cutest girls Ive ever seen.  I’d let her abuse me anytime…

In other news, the story is getting up to speed. The murder mystery on the ship reached its conclusion, of course solved by Victorica. Quite an interesting backstory to that I must to say, tying in to the fortuneteller from the first episode. Also, more of Victorica’s background is revealed, in that she tells Kazuya that she is an illegitimate child of the de Blois family and Grevil is her half-brother. Her childhood sounds tragic, but I dont know if it scarred her for life since she appears more strengthened than broken down. She does have quite an odd personality though.

Awww, can I keep her? Can I? Please?


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