Yumekui Merry – Ep02


Merry likes donuts.

This episode felt a bit slow. There was a short introduction to a girl, who almost immidiately got attacked by an unseen dream demon. A mysterious transfer student (Bet you never heard that before, eh?) showed up in Yumeji and Isana’s class. Merry got to tell a little about how she ended up in the real world, not that she knows very much. She also ate some donuts while wearing very cute…pyjamas?

On the plus side Isana’s dad also shows up:

Real men smoke indoors.

He. Is. Cool.

Without being overly large he gives off an aura of absolute manhood, to a great extent caused by his speech. It absolutely reeks of masculinity, and him having a rather low voice also helps. I’d say he has a samurai-vibe to him, and I wonder if any person talks like him in real life.

I’ll have to watch more of this series before I can lay down a definite judgement, but it certainly has potential. I only hope the plot will start moving forward at a higher pace in the next episode.


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