Figma Miyafuji Yoshika

I have to start by apologizing about the photo quality. I really should get a new camera, but that is unfortunately not within my budget at the moment. I also have a lot to figure out when it comes to lighting and photography in general. Hopefully it won’t make your eyes bleed, at least not too much anyway. So, with that out of the way, lets move on to the…review, as this hopefully will end up as.

Some more pictures can be found here.

Figma Miyafuji Yoshika by Max Factory and distributed by Good Smile Company. The cute main character from Strike Witches comes in the extended box with a whole heap of accessories.

Straight out of the packaging (almost), looks like she stepped right out of the anime. Since her design is as clean and simple as it is I wouldn’t expect anything less. The quality of the figure herself is great as you would expect from a figma. Movement is smooth and practically unrestricted, especially since she has neither long hair nor a skirt to limit her posability.

She comes with four pairs of hands plus a single left hand, angry face and happy face, front hair with dog ears, a tail and an exchangable body (waist to thighs). The tail shown in the picture is modified a bit, more about that later. She also has her rifle, with a shoulder strap used for carrying it, and of course her Striker Unit, with stopped and rotating propellers.

The amount of detail in her Striker Unit is quite amazing and it looks great both with and without propellers. It is equipped by removing the lower part of her legs, or by using the alternative body. The only problem is that the Striker Unit is black at the top, so if you touch her legs with it ever so slightly it’s going to leave a mark. The same goes for her gun, also a beautiful piece of equipment, but if you want to do any sort of shooting pose you’re going to stain her white shirt.

The shift:body system  means she can split in half in a rather creepy fashion. The replacement body is jointless with the thighs pointing slightly forward and meant to be used in conjunction with her Striker Unit. I honestly dont really see the point in it. The legs of the standard body can easily be placed in the same position as the replacement, so the only thing you gain is no joints near her…oh…yeah, of course…ahem, let’s move on, shall we?

Next up is her tail. it has a ball connector that is meant to fit into a hole in her lower back.The hole in her standard body was way too smal to accomodate the huge ball, and when I tried fitting it in the secondary body, well, see for yourself:

It came clean off. No overuse of force or anything, I just tried to gently push it into place. Not much use crying over spilled milk though, I decided to try and fix it, but I couldn’t remove the ball from the body so I had to improvise.

A small plastic bead filed down a bit and some 100yen-superglue did the trick. The makeshift peg has no problems holding the tail in place, which makes me wonder why they decided to go with a ball in the first place.

Aside from her removable legs and body she also has a bit of a special neck joint. For the sake of better flying poses she can tilt her head further back than most other figmas, and her neck is elongated in the front for a more natural look.

In conclusion, Miyafuji Yoshika is a gorgeous figure, with excellent posability and very detailed equipment. She does have some flaws though, more than I’m used to finding in figma. Though if you think about it, the paint rubbing off is hard to avoid and they did include a note about it in the package. The tail on the other hand is unforgivable.

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2 Comments on “Figma Miyafuji Yoshika”

  1. Hot Water Master says:

    Hello, I enjoyed your reviews.
    regarding fragile/tight joints on figures, especially pvc,
    soaking the figure in close to boiling water almost always makes the plastic so soft, that dodgy joints can be fixed without risking breaking them…
    it can also be used to dis-assemble figures.
    might have saved figma Miyafuji Yoshika’s tail!

    • Ookami says:

      Thanks for the tip! I’ve used hot water to straighten up a leaning figure before, but I never thought about using it for dodgy joints as well. The ball joints on the hands of the older figmas are among my worst nightmares^^

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