Kore wa Zombie desu ka? – Ep01


Chainsaw-wielding Masou Shoujo

I was tempted to just put up the above image as a review for this episode. I mean, do you really need anything more? Ah, well…

"My life is boring."

Aikawa Ayumu may at first glance appear to be your average highschooler. However, look a little below the surface and you’ll find out that he is a zombie. And a Magical Girl.

This is one of the funniest anime episodes I’ve watched in a long time, certain parts are pure comedy gold. Main character Ayumu was killed by a mysterious serial killer a while ago, but was subsequently brought back to life by Eucliwood Hellscythe (Yuu (or Eu) for short), a very cute female necromancer. They now live together, and Ayumu is searching for his murderer. As a zombie he is invincible, but feels pain and dries out in direct sunlight. He also has superhuman strength and can absorb magic. The latter ability is discovered when he meets Haruna, self-proclaimed Masou Shoujo (魔装少女, approx. Magical Outfit girl, a pun on the standard 魔法少女, Mahou Shoujo – Magical girl). He accidentally absorbs her powers, leading to her moving into his house and appointing him as Masou Shoujo in her stead until she can get her magic back.

Ayumu as he takes on the role of Masou Shoujo

Yes, being a Masou Shoujo involves full transformation into a pink dress, complete with bows, frills and striped panties. Even if you are a guy.

NOT the reason why he can't stand direct sunlight

This is a series with great potential. The cast seem likable and capable of delivering lots of jokes, so if they manage to keep together the mix of different elements this might becoume something great. There are almost always something happening, and the few slow moments there are can be blamed on the fact that it is the first episode and thus has to introduce characters and backstories. A bit of ecchiness is present, but at an enjoyable level that doesnt detract from the rest of the show, instead adding to the humour most of the time.

A male Magical Girl in an anime that doesn't hold back on panty shots...

Not all too many problems with the language in this one, as long as you are aware that most of the dialog is centered around otherworldly stuff like zombies, demons and magic. Ayumu speaks male casual as far as I can tell. Haruna also shows some stereotypically “male” speech patterns and not much cutesy-ness except introducing herself with the suffix -chan and using atashi as her first person pronoun. Yuu only communicates through writing, except in Ayumu’s imagination, where she sounds like the main character of an eroge.

I just have to leave you with this image:

There is a logical explanation. Well, kind of.


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