Oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!! – Ep01

This has to be a contender for the Longest Anime Title Ever. It translates to something like “I don’t like you at all, big brother!!”

The story revolves around Nao and her older brother Shuusuke and their…odd relationship (that’s an understatement). Nao is very fond of her brother, a bit too fond to be precise. This leads her to sneak into his bed when he is sleeping, rummage around in his laundry and generally tease him sexually whenever she gets the chance, while still (somewhat) keeping up outward appearances. Shuusuke on the other hand tries his best to ignore her advances, but finds it difficult due to his liking for all things ecchi. The real kicker is when Nao finds out that she is adopted, and thus can have a relationship with Shuusuke legally. She does however convice her parents not to tell her brother that she knows about it, making it quite clear that she suffers from brother complex.

If you are looking for fanservice, you will find it here. Gratuitous panty shots (Shimapan!), conviniently censored nudity etc. Not too suprising considering the premise of the show. If the humour can keep it on a sane level, without getting all awkward, this series might be worth watching.

The animation style is a bit peculiar, the characters are drawn in a tall and slim, almost gangly way, and quite expressive while not being overly detailed. A rather soft colour scheme, with the girls’ blue and yellow school uniforms, gives the show a light and warm feeling. Also, when not using convinient censoring, drawings of cute animals are placed over the important parts.

Language-wise, not much to say except that they speak very fast at times. Since the setting is a “normal” family in the real world, the dialog tries to match everyday speech, with a touch of the usual stereotyping. Male characters are a bit more direct and casual, while the female characters mostly sound a little bit cuter, while still keeping a casual tone.


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