Yumekui Merry – Ep01

So, first episode of Yumekui Merry aired last night (or early morning perhaps, 1:55 am). Did not plan to watch this series, but did it on a whim and am quite happy with that. At least if further episodes turn out as nice as the first one.

We have the male lead character Fujiwara Yumeji:

Second year highschooler who seems to be an average guy, with one exception. He can see auras around people, and use them to predict the dreams they are going to have next night. He is plagued by recurring dreams of being hunted by a gang of anthropomorphic cats.

For some reason he lives with the family of his classmate and childhood friend (Ooh, originality!) Tachibana Isana:

She of course denies all feelings above friend-level towards Yumeji, but blushes quite heavily when the subject crops up.

I like the design of her school uniform, haven’t really seen one like it before. Plus, it is (partly) black, which I most definitely approve of ^^

Ahem, moving on. The female lead goes by the paradoxical name Merry Nightmare:

Nice design, apart from the hat. Hate that floppy, unshapely thing.

A dream demon from the Dreamworld (Yeah, it’s redundant, I know. Bear with me if things get a bit odd sometimes). Unlike other dream demons she can travel to the real world without possessing a persons body, though she does not seem to know exactly how. Somehow she has ended up trapped in the real world and is trying to find her way home.

Yumeji meets Merry when she falls out of a tree and lands on top of him (Go chance meetings!). In the fall she loses her hat, which brings her to a state of near hysteria, and she rushes away after it leavin Yumeji to wonder what the hell just happened.

We are also presented to other characters, like Yumeji’s classmate Akiyanagi Takateru who composes haiku out of the blue for no apparent reason, and a teacher who is obsessed with food and claims to eat more that 2 kg of rice every day despite being just a tad wider than a stick figure.

Of course a villain joins in, in the form of dream demon Chaser John Doe, leader of the cat gang that has been terrorizing Yumeji in his dreams. He aims to possess Yumeji’s body in order to gain access to the real world. And let me tell you, this guy is badass. With black body tight clothes, cat tail, ragged blood-red hooded cloak with ornaments resembling cat ears on top,  and a white mask covering his face he won’t win any fashion contests, but he sure looks intimidating. Add to that his sword-like weapon, most aptly described as a cross between a saw and a guillotine which if it were real most likely would inflict just as much, or even more, harm on the wielder as on the target. Looks friggin awesome though, and that’s what counts.

Really looking forward to the next episode, will be interesting to see in what direction they will be heading. Hopefully the plot will start moving after this introductory episode. I’m curious about the dream world, I really like what I have seen of it so far. The imagery is dark, but not in a raw, gritty way, and some cartoonish elements are mixed in from time to time.

The Japanese is not all to complicated, but there are some pitfalls, one being the Japanese poetry written by Takateru, with its distinct, old-fashioned style. An other is John Doe, who speaks either in a very stiff way, or with an overly dramatic tone. He uses 我輩 (wagahai) to refer to himself and seems to like the older negative verbform ending in ~ぬ (-nu).

And that’s about three times more than I planned to write about this. Good start, wonder if I’ll be able to keep it up though…


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