Oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!! – Ep04

It was only a matter of time

Thought I’d do the opposite of what I did for Ep03 and only show scenes that doesn’t involve panty shots. Easier said than done when it comes to this anime, not much left to work with when you take those away. There was the tentacle rape seen above, I have been waiting for that to show up. It’s not a real fan service anime without it.

One for the ladies (and guys who swing that way)

A half naked guy posing amongst roses and sparkly bubbles, also not completely unexpected.

The genital shaving came out of nowhere though:

...I wouldn't mind, actually.


Minecraft will destroy my life

I’ve been fighting against procrastination for a while, and I’m finally beginning to see some results, getting some routines up and am working on stuff I want to do instead of wasting time in the internet and what not. And now this happens. Minecraft. I love that game. And I hate that game.

I came across a review of it over on Blistered Thumbs, and it caught my interest. Watched some videos of it on youtube and before I knew it I had bought the game and spent 5 hours in one sitting. It. Is. Addictive.

Here’s the intro video from minecraft.net:

Minecraft is an open-ended sandbox game where you, as the name suggests, mine for materials and build things. You can also farm, hunt, kill monsters and more. The world is made up entirely of blocks, giving it a very retro look. But don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple graphics, the game requires quite a lot of resources to run. The reason for that is that the world is randomly generated on the fly as you play, and can in theory get infinitely large.

The best thing about the game, in my opinion, is the endless possibilities and the freedom there is to it. You can build anything, from a small house to live in, to huge underground mines, to complicated “electrical” circuits simulating complex logic, to 1:1 scale models of the starship Enterprise. If you have enough time and creativity, the only limit would be the height of the world, currently limited to 128 blocks. There is also a multiplayer mode, making huge project more feasible. Do a search on youtube to see some of the amazing things people with way too much free time can accomplish.

If you dont mind a game sucking up all you free time and then some, give minecraft a go. I was going to write more, but I’ll just stop here and go mine some gold and diamonds instead. Bye bye ^_^

The Coffee of Nagato Yuki + loot

I somehow found myself in Akihabara last saturday, without really meaning to go there. It just kind of happened. So I was walking around, not looking for anything in particular when I came upon came upon the coffee cans above inside Gamers. 200 yen a piece, grabbed them without a second thought.

The text says 「長門有希の珈琲」 (ながとゆきのコーヒー), The coffe of Nagato Yuki. So in addition to getting some absolutely adorable pictures of Yuki, I also learned the kanji for coffee. Didn’t even know there was a kanji version, but it is most likely an older loan word so it makes sense when I think about it.

The ingredients list says milk, sugar, coffee and emulsifer. Well shoot, I prefer black coffee. On the other hand, I’ll probably keep these unopened. There’s also an ad for the DVD and BD of The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi on the back of the cans.

I also bought a bunch of other stuff:

Most of it I found in Leonardo, a tiny shop located on the backside of Toranoana and Animate. Danny Choo has a nice write-up with lots of pictures here. There’s a shitload of stuff crammed into the very small store with no discernable order, so it is easy to spend way too much time rummaging around in there. They also stock items that normally are given away as extras with magazines and the like, which is great for people like me who don’t buy those normally.

Ookami-san to shichinin no nakama-tachi. Watch that anime if you haven’t already, great show. I fell in love with Ookami-san at first sight…ahh… Ahem, the book in the top left contains Q&A, character descriptions, comments from the creators, two short stories and the second chapter of the manga version. It came bundled with a Durarara!! note book and a nice suprise in the form of the large poster, folded and hidden between the books. Also got a T-shirt that I think actually is a price for a UFO-catcher, the quality is not very nice, but hey, I can wear it at home at least. Last but not least, a shower poster.

The backside of the poster features Shana. I watched four episodes of that series a while ago and found it boring. Might have to try again sometime.

I have been on the lookout for Utawarerumono posters every time I’ve been in to Akiba, but haven’t found any until now. A whole bunch of them too, eight to be exact. The only problem is that they have been stored folded for Haruhi knows how long, leaving nice, hard bulges through their midsections of them. Have not yet managed to get rid of them.

I’m not only an anime otaku, I’m also kind of a Nintendo nerd, right now focusing on the Famicom. This is the Game Repeater. If I have understood correctly it records your button presses and lets you replay them, essentially having the machine play the game exactly as you did. You can also copy the recording to cassette tapes for later use…wonder if it’s possible to record directly to a computer, since it records through a standard mic connection…hmmm… I haven’t been able to try though, since it requires an external controller, which I don’t have. Yet.

I saw a review of this somewhere on the internet, which stated that it was hard to find and quite expensive (I think…), so when I saw this one complete with box and manual for around 1000 yen I just had to buy it.

A Horo cellphone strap is also something I’ve been searching for for a while. Ookami to Koushinryou / Spice and Wolf is my favourite anime of all time. Currently reading the manga, but it is probably the hardest I have in my small collection, so i might have to wait a bit and study some more Japanese first. The watch is another UFO-catcher prize that I bought from a shop, since that is likely to turn out cheaper than trying to actually catch one, if it still is available in machines at all.

Now, get ready for a huge dose of awesomeness:

Lucky☆Star crossed with Strike Witches. Does that blow your mind, or does it only have that effect on me? It is an alternate cover for volume 8 of the manga series with Konata geaed up as Yoshika, and Kagami and Tsukasa as Barkhorn and Hartmann. Add to that a dash of engrish on the backside, and you have something really great. Only too bad I don’t own volume 8 itself yet ^^

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? – Ep03

...I'll never be able to eat pudding again.

It’s hard to tell what this show is trying to do. It switches between weird comedy skits like above and a more serious plot involving a serial killer. As long as they aren’t trying to do too much at once it might work. One thing is certain though: they cranked up the fan-service in this episode. It’s not all the way to 11 yet, but it’s on its way.

Not Ayumu, but there is a sparkling guy in this episode too. Wonder if there'll be one in each, hmm...

Still a fun show though, and the switching between silly and serious isn’t too jarring, at least not yet. Yuu is cute and Haruna is hyperactive and cute. Their shenanigans together with Sera is enough to keep me wanting to see future episodes, plot or no plot.

"MaskDonald's set coming right up!"


Oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!! – Ep03






…and I’ve just about summed up the whole episode (^-^)b


"OBEY ME!!!"

What is it about Victorica? I mean she’s selfish, arrogant, manipulative, abusive and…and…and absolutely freaking adorable. I love the way she thinks, the way she talks, the way she looks, I just wanna hug her! I couldn’t hold back a couple of “Awww”s while watching this episode, definitely one of the cutest girls Ive ever seen.  I’d let her abuse me anytime…

In other news, the story is getting up to speed. The murder mystery on the ship reached its conclusion, of course solved by Victorica. Quite an interesting backstory to that I must to say, tying in to the fortuneteller from the first episode. Also, more of Victorica’s background is revealed, in that she tells Kazuya that she is an illegitimate child of the de Blois family and Grevil is her half-brother. Her childhood sounds tragic, but I dont know if it scarred her for life since she appears more strengthened than broken down. She does have quite an odd personality though.

Awww, can I keep her? Can I? Please?

Yumekui Merry – Ep03

Merry likes donuts

I’m beginning to like the style of this anime more and more. Really want to see more of the daydreams and the dream world, interesting concept. The daydreams look quite normal to start with, but there is a certain feeling of wrongness that creeps around in the background, a subtle hint that this is not the way it should be.

"Merry Nightmare" - Having a notebook dedicated to a friend is not creepy or stalker-like at all

Storywise, nothing spectacular. Yumeji chases after Merry, who kind of ran away last episode. Dream demons pop up left and right it seems, I wonder if there is going to be a”big boss” somewhere, or if it is based on smaller antagonists throughout. Either way, the show is still worth watching.

Oh, and this guy↓ still rocks

Isana's dad shows how to kick a can